Artist Showcase

Dani Nagel

Owner & Designer, Dazey LA

Dani is the owner and designer behind art apparel line Dazey LA (@dazey_la). She is a multi-hyphante and passionate creative who refuses to limit her pursuits. Dani is a self taught artist, muralist, graphic designer,…

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Rebecca Setareh

Artist Sculptor & Photographer

Rebecca Setareh, a resident of Southern California, has garnered international attention for her talents. In addition to receiving a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Institute des Beaux- Arts St. Luc in Liege, Belgium, Rebecca…

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Meghan Quinn

Fine-art Photographer

Meghan Quinn is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA. She discovered photography while documenting protests and rallies growing up in the Washington, D.C. area. She has exhibited all over the U.S., has been profiled…

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Jen Wilde


Jen is a queer illustrator who channels her feminist rage into art that aims to educate, inspire and support progressive movements. Her work has been shared thousands of times online and featured on Bust, Vox,…

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Raghubir Khalsa Kintisch

Artist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Raghubir Khalsa Kintisch is a multi-disciplinary artist whose  studio work and social practice projects explore the intersections of spirituality and art-making, gender and domestic labor, and artist and audience. She predominantly uses painting, drawing, mixed media,…

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Lila Hawk

Editor & Artist

Lila Hawk is a Los Angeles native. She grew up in a family of artists who mentored and nurtured her creativity throughout her childhood and went on to study Fine Arts at UC Santa Cruz…

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Lola del Fresno

Multifaceted Artist

Lola del Fresno is a multifaceted artist that works on multiple media and has exhibited her work locally and internationally. Her large scale installations and paintings are part of important collections and museums. Lola was…

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Roxy Rose

Neon Glassblowing Artist

Roxy was born in 1963 as Eric John Score. In 1978 Roxy began her journey into the craft of neon glassblowing. She learned from her father and grandfather. After an extensive apprenticeship she quickly developed…

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Colette Miller

Visual Artist & Performer

Colette Miller is an American born artist that works in painting, music, poetry and film. She received her degree in Fine Art from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and continued her film studies at UCLA….

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Street Artist, Author & Screenwriter

WRDSMTH is a published author, screenwriter, former advertising copywriter, and an emerging street artist. Born and raised in the Midwest, he relocated to LA and started doing time in Hollywood, chasing the dream like countless…

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Davia King

Abstract Expressionist Artist

Conceptual artist Davia King’s emotionalism style merges elements of abstraction and action painting. By using bold colors and layering paint she creates a provocative background. King then enrolls the public as her models to complete…

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