Abstract Expressionist Artist

Davia King

Conceptual artist Davia King’s emotionalism style merges elements of abstraction and action painting. By using bold colors and layering paint she creates a provocative background. King then enrolls the public as her models to complete the piece by engaging humanity into an intimate one on one experience where she draws the subject in a unique blind contour style. Davia’s intention is to continue to use her art as a means to connect with humanity and raise consciousness.

Artist statement:

When I draw people’s faces I look only at them and don’t break gaze. My eyes follow lines and shapes and communicate that to my hand. It is an authentic portrait without revision, edits, or filters. The final piece is abstract and still captures the essence of the subject while creating a moment of connection. 

By merging the portraits together overlapping at times on top of a colorful background the final composition is created. Showing regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender we are all a part of the whole. Unique and individual we create the microcosm that makes up the macrocosm. Showing us as the human family.