Owner & Designer, Dazey LA

Dani Nagel

Dani is the owner and designer behind art apparel line Dazey LA (@dazey_la). She is a multi-hyphante and passionate creative who refuses to limit her pursuits. Dani is a self taught artist, muralist, graphic designer, fashion designer, interior designer, and photographer. Starting her career at age 19, she worked designing for notable brands both freelance and full time. Some of these companies include Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Forever21, Amuse Society, Show me your Mumu, Torrid, Current/Elliott, Macy’s, and more. In 2016 she took the leap and created her own clothing line, Dazey LA. Early on she begun to share her entrepreneurial journey via video with full transparency. She would show everything from her artistic design process, marketing tips, and the emotional rollercoaster that is starting your own business. People started to take notice, and the response was incredible. That’s when Dazey LA shifted from being a company to a calling.

All her art and clothing collections revolve around female empowerment. Dani creates powerful artwork and designs on the topics of self love, self care, inclusivity, women’s rights, and navigating our ever increasing digital world. Dani believes conversation and education creates change and uses her work to do just that.