Neon Glassblowing Artist

Roxy Rose

Roxy was born in 1963 as Eric John Score. In 1978 Roxy began her journey into the craft of neon glassblowing. She learned from her father and grandfather. After an extensive apprenticeship she quickly developed a reputation of being one of the best glassblowers in the industry. After coming out as transgender in 2009. Roxy faced rejection from her family, friends and business associates. It was at that time she found herself jobless and alone. Determined not to give up and to regain the position that she had so rightly earned in the neon industry she turned to art and found solace and acceptance in the world of art. Having the vast experience in neon glassblowing she has used her talents to produce thought provoking works of art as well as to teach other young artists the dying art of neon glassblowing.