Entrepreneur, Beauty Expert

Yris Palmer

As a first-generation American and owner of powerhouse beauty brand Star Lash, Yris Palmer is a self-made entrepreneur, thought leader, and beauty expert. With the launch of Star Lash Beauty Bar in 2014, Yris quickly became the go-to expert in eyelashes while developing a devout celebrity following that includes: Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande, to name a few. As Yris’ popularity grew, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and she expanded her business to include products including her signature strip lashes, application tools and lash kits for other professionals. She also opened multiple brick and mortar locations across the US for customers to partake in the ubiquitous eyelash movement. Over the years Yris’ passion for generating opportunities for women (specifically those of color) in business and normalizing the conversation around beauty enhancement have become a centralized focus on her entrepreneurial journey.

In addition to Star Lash, Yris has stayed committed to investing in other female-founded businesses in the beauty space, including the national medical spa, SEV Laser. Her dedication to empowering other women of color to follow their dreams and achieve success against all odds has allowed her to cultivate a loyal fan base, with a combined following of over one million on her social media accounts.

While Yris has found success in the business world, she notes her biggest accomplishment remains being the mother of her 3-year-old daughter, Ayla. Through sharing her personal story Yris hopes to inspire single, working moms across the globe who are juggling a career and family. On the philanthropic front, Yris is committed to giving back to her Latin community. Born to immigrant parents from El Salvador, she is passionate about organizations that provide community development programs throughout Latin America, especially those pertaining to women and children.

Yris currently resides in the Los Angeles Area.