Somos We Are

Somos We Are are an international female directing duo who create captivating fashion and documentary films presented through the lens of the modern, multi-faceted and metropolitan woman.

Candice and Jana, who spend their time between London and Barcelona, were drawn together through a love of storytelling while both working across advertising and music at the prestigious Blink Productions in London. Two years ago they established Somos We Are to make the films they always wanted to create.

The content Somos We Are create is soft-focused, feminine and emotionally stirring but the messaging is always powerful. Whether it’s creating a fashion film for H&M, or exploring the way women perceive their bodies in their incredibly real film ‘Let’s Talk About Tits’ or uncovering hard truths about life as an immigrant street seller in Barcelona as in ‘HAWKERS’, they’re able to bring to the surface what it is that truly connects us all: humanity.