Roxy Rose Score

Neon Artist/ Transgender Activist.
In 1978, Roxy Rose, made the decision to leave school at a young age in order to pursue a career in neon glass blowing. After an intensive apprenticeship, she quickly developed the reputation of being one of the best “benders” in the industry and still enjoys that reputation today.

In her long career, Roxy Rose has had the privilege of working with notable artist such as Bruce Nauman and Richard Jackson, as well as producing work for celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Dianna Ross and many more. Roxy Rose has worked on major film productions such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Emmy’s and even the Academy Awards.

In 2006, in spite of her conservative religious family background, she came out as transgender. It became apparent that the time was right to part ways with the family neon business. Because of her life changing experience, Roxy Rose has vowed to dedicate herself to being an activist, not only for transgender women, but for all women.
Roxy Rose has always expressed her activist views and messages of love and compassion in her artwork, such as in her pieces “Resist With Love”, currently installed in San Francisco, “ Let Love Be Love”, “ All Women are Beautiful, and many more currently showing in the area.

Roxy Rose is very involved in promoting and teaching neon fabrication in the Los Angeles art community, and, because of her vast knowledge and expertise, is one of the most sought after master glass blowers in the country. She is so proud to be a part of Power Women Summit, as it expresses exactly the message that she has been promoting, lit up, in bright neon lights!