Nina Harris

A New England native and Los Angeles transplant, Nina Harris grew up in Connecticut. In 1982 Nina studied Fine Art at Arizona State University, where she learned how to work with neon in the Sculpture Dept. earning her MA. She was the president of the ASU Neon Workshop, where she promoted neon art shows for ASU Art students and managed the glass shop. She apprenticed under “Just heat it and bend it”, Bruce Hancock, a master neon glass bender in the Phoenix area. Nina’s work has been displayed at the Gallery of Neon Art in Phoenix, and in multiple TV shows and film projects.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1989, Nina worked on various neon projects until she formed her own business, a neon prop house, with partner and neon glass bender, Kip Smith, in 1991, called Heaven or Las Vegas.

Heaven or Las Vegas is now the premier neon prop house in Los Angeles, with thousands of neon signs in stock for rent. Nina works on major film and TV productions providing custom designs and rental neon signs for their sets. Heaven or Las Vegas also provides neon designs for various projects and events in Los Angeles and around the country.

Nina and her husband, now split their time, between their home in East Haddam, Ct and Los Angeles. She still focuses on the creative side of the business and creates artwork for her prop house, other artists and various projects.

Nina is proud to be a part of this show as a true supporter of the power of women and their awesome creativity.