Model & Activist

Nats Getty

Nats Getty is an American model, designer, artist, LGBTQ rights activist, and heir to the Getty oil fortune. A self-described tomboy, Nats was born in Los Angeles and split her childhood between Santa Monica and the UK. Today, she resides in West Hollywood while continuing to travel across the globe gaining creativity for her art and continuing to act as an ambassador for the LGBTQ community. Nats refers to her late grandfather, John Paul Getty, a well-known British philanthropist and son of the Founder of Getty Oil, as her inspiration. She sets out to continue his legacy and follow closely in his footsteps.

Nats started her career working alongside her mother and brother to provide new infrastructures for the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Today, she works closely with GLAAD and is a board member of the Ariadne Getty Foundation, serving as the foundation’s ambassador. In addition to her philanthropic efforts, Nats is a talented visual artist, painter, and fashion designer. In an effort to streamline her passions, Nats has founded Strike Oil, a fashion and lifestyle brand that providesan outlet for Nats as an artist and acts as a platform for the community she stands by. “Strike Oil is not just a lifestyle, it’s a thought process.” Nats states, “I want girls who feel more comfortable on a skateboard than with a Barbie to still feel beautiful. I want ‘the differents’ to realize thatthey are the people that the cool kids come crawling to after high school and college. Beingdifferent isn’t bad, it’s our currency.”

Strike Oil offers consumers a variety of items that differ in genre but all embody the same ethos of style and rebellion. The brand will launch limited edition collection drops available Product will be offered in a wide range of prices giving fans a variety ofoptions that stay true to the “uptown meets downtown” vibe, such as hand painted couture leather jackets, silk bombers, hoodies, lighters, tees, socks and Nats’ custom take on a classicMing Dynasty design. Strike Oil is created for the consumer who aspires to “strike oil” in love, life,career and self.