Screenwriter, Director, Poet & stand-up Comedian

Justice Singleton

Justice Maya Singleton is a screenwriter, director, poet and stand-up comedian, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Through her late father, director, John Singleton, Justice grew up observing filmmaking as a rigorous process of storytelling and gatekeeping. Later as a young filmmaker who just received a Bachelors in screenwriting and film production at Loyola Marymount University, Justice started her own production company, Justice Served Productions. The company she created works on social justice narratives that decolonize typical Hollywood storytelling. Since then Singleton has successfully written, directed and produced several award winning short films. In 2018, Justice began writing articles on Medium on being a black queer screenwriting and dealing with film industry’s racial disparity. When Justice discussed with other woman of color who were feeling similar, she decided to create a writer’s group called Justify Writer’s Room. The room is a diverse and solely POC independent writer’s room that gathers to dismantle systematic voices and develop the voice within themselves. The ultimate goal

of Justify is to practice and workshop creative writing and artistic integrity in a safe environment. In addition, Justice hopes written work will streamline into innovative produced work. While Justice continues to pursues new film and television projects. Next year, Justice and other South LA filmmakers plans to launch South Central Cinema, a melange of South LA creatives who will collaborate, exchange, hire within their community and teach a new generation of LA filmmakers. Justice remains optimistic that her lens on filmmaking will activate change, serve the community and engage a global audience.