Author, That's What She Said & former Editor in Chief, USA TODAY

Joanne Lipman

Joanne Lipman, author of THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID, is one of the nation’s leading journalists. As Chief Content Officer of Gannett and Editor-in-Chief of USA Today and the USA Today Network, she oversaw 110 newspapers totaling more than 3,000 journalists, and led the organization to three Pulitzer Prizes.

Lipman began her career as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, ultimately rising to deputy managing editor – the first woman to attain that post –and supervising coverage that won three Pulitzer Prizes. She subsequently was founding editor-in-chief of Conde Nast Portfolio magazine. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including the New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Fortune and Harvard Business Review, and she is a frequent television commentator. She is also co-author of the music memoir “Strings Attached.”