Jana Cruder

A heart-centric woman, Jana Cruder explores the depths of the human experience and how we relate to ourselves, one another, Mother Nature, and the Universe through multiple artistic mediums: photography, motion, and experiential productions and installations. An unapologetic activist and true visionary, Jana’s large-scale installation surrounding environmental issues, Natural Plasticity (2015), has exhibited in major public spaces internationally and made its way to the renowned Venice Biennale. Her fascination in the way we interact with technology inspired her much-talked-about installation, Way of the Modern Man, that showcased at the LA Art Show in 2016. Jana has 13+ years shooting commercial and fine art photography that is both ethereal and femme positive. Her passion for shooting captivating and socially-provocative stills is as present as ever, though in the past couple of years, Jana has moved into directing motion stories. Her love for film as a platform for exposing raw humanity and our holistic emotional connection to one another has evoked a deeper artistic exploration for Jana that continues to unfold through her latest projects. Jana’s haven away from constant travel for work and art research is in the forest of Northern California. When she’s not behind the camera or creating an installation, Jana can be found studying ayurveda and holistic healing.