Georgina Cates

Georgina Cates is a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.

“I have always been intrigued by fleeting moments, that so many may miss, that others may find insignificant – maybe never even notice. It is in these moments that I feel home – when I can simply breathe and trust my lens to capture a time, a feeling, the essence of the person behind their eyes, for not only they themselves, but ultimately us all to appreciate.”

Born in England, Georgina started her career as a young woman in front of the camera as an award winning actress in television and film, however quickly knew her passion was being behind the camera. For over two decades, Georgina Cates has emerged as one of the strongest female voices in fine art photography. From celebrity portraits and advertising campaigns to solo exhibitions worldwide, Georgina has developed and showcased a unique style in her profession.

“My work is frequently described as timeless, emotive with a dramatic flair, but to me – my photographs are simply reflections of the marriage of life and art that is always present around me. What can I say? I’m compelled by an inextinguishable pursuit for meaningful photography and the artful life.”

When not shooting famous faces, Georgina travels for specialized projects and is currently working on a series of photographic books entitled “Do You See Me?”, capturing the humanity behind topics rarely described as “ beautiful” ~breast cancer, mental illness, racism and more.She has been recognized for her contribution to the world of photography with the Emerging Talent Award in 2012 and also been acknowledged for her charitable works including Face Forward, The Innocence Project and daily video blog “This stops Now!”

Her portfolio has recently expanded to include fine art boudoir photography experiences for women (and men) of all ages and walks of life, bringing her “I See You” artistry to those in need of an empowering & life-changing experience. “My love of photography is a never ending journey between YOU and me. I don’t take photographs of people. WE simply spend time together with my heart and my camera as witnesses.”