Founder, Tech By Superwomen

Cathryn Posey

Cathryn Posey is the Founder of Tech By Superwomen, a movement she started to shift the conversation to what works and what matters when it comes to creating a more inclusive tech industry. Cathryn is a recognized authority on issues impacting women in technology and an international speaker (SXSW, EBEDominicana, Web Summit Dublin, Web Summit Lisbon, Harvard WeCode, DataGotham, FastCo Innovation Festival, The Lean Startup Conference). She has been featured on NPR, Black Enterprise, NBC News, Huffington Post, Forbes, Mashable, CNBC and Yahoo!

Cathryn is passionate about finding ways to shift the current dynamics within tech culture so the community can truly be a microcosm of the world and place where all of its members can thrive. Currently she is a Senior Tech Director focusing on emerging technology at Capital One. Most recently, Cathryn served as the head of strategic partnerships and alliances for the United States Digital Service, a tech startup founded by President Obama to change the technology infrastructure in order to better serve citizens.

She believes community and service are the keys to innovation and that our ability to strengthen democracy is tied to our ability to think like citizens, harness diversity, and leverage cross-cultural intersections. To shift the inequity that currently persists in our tech community, Cathryn asserts that it will take all of us to address it.