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Bonnie Eskenazi

Bonnie Eskenazi is consistently recognized as one of the most prominent entertainment attorneys in Hollywood. She regularly handles some of Hollywood’s most high profile and landmark entertainment disputes for some of the industry’s leading performers, directors, writers, producers, rights holders, studios and talent agents.

Bonnie’s practice is international in scope and she has extensive experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry, media and intellectual property matters, including royalties and profit participations, idea theft, contracts, defamation and reputation protection, invasion of privacy, trademarks, copyright, merchandise and licensing, music distribution, music publishing, motion picture production and distribution and new technology.

Bonnie’s clients have included Marvel Entertainment, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Estate of JRR Tolkien, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, MGM, STX Entertainment, EndemolShine North America, Bron Studios, Marlon Brando, Hans Zimmer, HarperCollins Publishing, Renée Fleming, Joshua Bell, Itzhak Perlman, Playboy Enterprises, Harvey Entertainment, DIC Entertainment, Lagardere Entertainment, Elle Macpherson, Geffen Records, Horror Inc. (owners of the rights to Friday the 13th), Bagdasarian Productions (owners of the Chipmunks), Stephen Slesinger Inc. (owners of rights in Winnie the Pooh). Bonnie is also outside general counsel for the Bob Marley Estate.

Her passion for advancing the careers of women led her to join the board of Women In Film and to create and launch its sexual harassment Help Line which includes a pro bono legal aid panel in addition to therapeutic assistance for survivors of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Bonnie has been profiled in numerous magazines and newspapers over her 30 years in practice such as the Los Angeles Times, Southern California Super Lawyers, Los Angeles Business Journal, National Law Journal and has been honored by nearly every legal and entertainment publication covering litigation or entertainment/media practices.

Bonnie has served on Greenberg Glusker’s management committee for the past 15 years. She teaches a course in Entertainment Law at Stanford Law School and is an annual guest lecturer at Harvard Law School.